The key is inside

Openers & Closers is a leader company in designing and manufacturing access control systems, specialized in mechanic, electromechanic, electromagnetic and electronic solutions.

Electric and electronic door strikes

Electric and electronic strikes are electromechanical mechanisms used as an integral part of an access control system. They are installed in the door frame and their main function is to allow remote accessibility to a building with a single electrical pulse.

Electromagnetic locks

An electromagnetic lock is an electromagnet installed in the door frame and a counterplate fixed to the door leaf. Once activated, the electromagnet holds firmly the counterplate and the door remains closed.

Electromechanical locks

Electromechanical locks are security devices that are installed in the door leaf in contrast with strikes wich are installed on the frame. They offer a long lasting performance even with a great use frequency.


Actuators are devices that make door control easier. There are two types of actuators, mechanical and electronic.


We have a wide range of accessories to complete an access control system. You can ad magnetic contacts, door loops, electric contacts or power supplies.


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