Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic locks or maglocks consist of a powerful electromagnet mounted on the door frame and a counterplate mounted on the door.  Once activated the electromagnet holds fast to the counterplate and the door remains closed. Two led’s informs at a glance whether the electromagnetic lock is open or closed.

Installation examples


For doors that open outwards.

The counterplate is fixed directly on the door leaf and the electromagnet installed on the lintel. If the frame is too small, we use an l-shaped bracket


For doors that open inwards.

A z-shaped bracket is used to attach the counterplate to the door leaf.


For glass doors

In order to prevent damage to your glass door, the counterplate has to be installed using a u-shaped bracket which is fastened to the top of the door leaf.


For fire doors

The counterplate is connected to a specific support for ei doors. In this way, it is not necessary to completely perforate the door and lose its certification


For sliding doors

The electromagnet is embedded into the side of the doorframe, while the counterplate goes fixed to the side of the door using a small and discrete u-shaped support.


Embedded installation

The new invisible installation offers architects and engineers a great solution to aesthetic and safety problems. The electromagnet and the counterplate are embedded in the frame and the door leaf respectively. Ideal for swinging or door-only doors.