Serie 4 seguridad cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 4


Series 4 has been strengthened to provide a greater level of protection. This electric strike is widely used by access control systems, door manufacturers, and maintenance companies.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 3

The evolution!

With more features than its predecessor, the new series 3 has been redesigned to integrate all its elements into a smaller and more compact model. Completely symmetric now it incorporates a new configurable system that allows a dual voltage.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 2

The original electric strike!

We have been manufacturing series 2 since 1989. This emblematic product is a classic in the hardware business and is available in a vast range of models.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 5


We have designed the most compact electric strike without sacrificing any of the quality or safety offered by our other products, reinventing every element to make it smaller. Thus series 5 is the perfect match for thin aluminium, pvc or timber profiles.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 7


Sometimes electric strikes are subjected to sudden weather changes which may affect their internal mechanism. In order to isolate this internal mechanism, we have developed an external keeper for the box and an independent electrical connection, resulting in a waterproof electric strike able to withstand heavy rain.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 9


An electric strike developed for armored doors with multipoint bolt locks. We want to ease accessibility of heavy doors with robust locks.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie 25

Small and incredible

Entirely made of special steel alloy increases the resistance of the electric strike to 800 n.

A symmetric construction with radial adjustable keeper and electronic protection that provide versatility to your installation.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie DH

Door holder

Door holders are used on swinging self-closing doors. These can be found in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, among other public buildings and are used to automatically isolate an area in case of fire. Since these are susceptible places, a reliable door holder is essential.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie ME

Slim and strong

We have developed the thinnest electromagnetic lock on the market. With only 30mm width it fits on the most sophisticated of your interior decoration without losing holding force.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie MEX

Maximum resistance

High power and low consumption

To satisfy all your needs, we have created a maglock that uses the least amount of power possible without losing any holding force. It comes with an integrated timer, and most models come with a standardized automatic voltage detection system (12-24v ac/dc)

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie SH


In this day and age where minimalism is so in vogue, it is pretty usual to have glass swinging and sliding doors even in the most sensitive of work environments.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie BO

Basic and versatile

The improved electronics of the electric bolt lock allows for multiple options when integrating with other systems. It provides further information on the status of the door and bolt, as well as about the attempts to unlock it. All signals can be exported for analysis.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie CE

Intelligent electric lock

Our electric locks are 100% reversible. They have a side-sliding cylinder from 50 to 70 mm and an adjustable front. They are usually installed on both wooden and metal interior doors, gates and hinged parking doors.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie EVA

Dual functionality

The eva series consists of:

A mechanical part (installed on the door leaf)

An electrical part (installed on the door frame) this system’s strength lies in a mechanical part that does not require electrical wiring for installation. The bolt is ejected automatically when the door is closed and can be opened using an electric impulse, handle or key. The simplicity of this lock offers a good solution for installations that require extra security.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie OC


The minimalist design of the electric bolt lock with a strong steel housing makes it an elegant and easy to install series. In addition, the range of models now includes the variant for glass doors in both vertical and horizontal formats. A good choice for simple and economical solutions.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie PGX

Small and infallible

The best way of ensuring the safety of all manner of bins, lockers, showcases and more. It can be operated from the front or the side, giving it great versatility and making it an unbeatable option for small spaces.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie AC

Activating doors remotely

Keyboards and remote controls offer convenience and security at access points.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie CM

Magnetic contacts

These are reed switches made out of two ferrous contacts. When approached by a magnetic field they close the circuit. Used to detect the status of the doors and windows, magnetic contacts are generally attached to access control systems like fire alarms and indicator lights.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie DDC

Electric contacts

O&c high-quality electric contacts are designed to provide your locks with electricity discretely and efficiently without any visible wiring. The small contacts go embedded into door and door frame on the side of the hinges. This way the contacts remain completely invisible once the door closes.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie PB

Detection system and fire alarms

Los pulsadores de evacuación, detección y extinción son la forma más rápida y segura de aviso en caso de emergencia.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie FX

Door loops

The door loops are a safe method for transfer the power from the door frame to the electric lock located on the door leaf. We protect and hide the cables inside a flex tube so that the operation of the electric locks or other accessories are not compromised to unwanted manipulations.

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie PS

Power supplies

It is used to convert the voltage from alternating current (usually 220v ac) into a lower, direct current (12 or 24v dc).

Serie 3 cerraderos eléctricos

Serie TL

Indicator lights

For a correct visual and/or acoustic management of the installations, the luminous indicators combine design, robustness and functionality.

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